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The Trinity™ plank flooring sets a high standard for both appearence and quality. The 20 mm thick Trinity™ plank does not live much and is therefore suitable to install on floor heating. Different widths can be combined in the same floor, which makes it possible to create a truly unique floor.

Trinity™ plank flooring is suitable in modern spaces, since the flooring can be installed directly on concrete or a veneer sheet. Trinity™ is installed by gluing the plank directly to the underlay. Because the real wood flooring lives an elastic glue is used during the installation. The Trinity™ plank can also be also be screwed to joists.

The Trinity™ plank is 20 mm thick. The surface consists of 6 mm thick, handscraped massive oak that is glued to a high-class brich veneer core. This is a turable plank flooring that does not live much and is suitable with floor heating. The plank has groove joints on all four sides, which makes the installation easy and convinient.

Thanks to its construction the Trinity™ is most suitable for public spaces


The hanscraped surface of Trinity™ planks is crafted through thorough handicraft by traditional methods. Handscraping has for centuries been a recommended method to renew the surface of a wooden floor during the time when it was impossible to sand the floors. We brush and oil the Trinity™ plank ourselves in Vaasa, Finland.

The handscraped surface makes the Trinity™ floor truly unique. The surface is most fantastic to walk on - we dare say that the Trinity™ floor is the most pleasent wooden flooring for the feet. The handscraped surface is also incredibly beautiful since every plank is uniqe. The scraped surfice has just the right amount patina.

The durability of the floor is in a league of its own. The tough handscraped surfice is suitable for both private us as well as public use. The more the floor is worn the more character does it get. The surface of the floor is easily renewed with Osmo Colors treatment oil.

The scraped surface can of course be sanded down, but we recommend not sanding the floor because as a result the surface will become smooth. The idea is that the patina is improved as the floor is used. If the floor recieves damage or scratches, they can easily be fixed with Osmo Colors treatment oil.

If the Trinity™ floor yet has to be sanded, e.g. because of a stain that wont go away, it is possible scrape away the stain and then apply oilwax of the appropriate colour.


Wear layer 6 mm
Thickness 20 mm
Surface Handscraped antique
Width 220 mm - 300 mm
Lenght 2200 mm or 2500 mm, 10 % of the planks are shorter
Construction Massive oak surface, birch veneer core, groove jointed
Installation The floor is glued to the underlay or screwed to joists
Floor heating The floor is suitable with hot-water underfloor heating
Surface treatment Osmo Color oilwax